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From the first idea to the finished product Biofarma is able to offer a complete service, characterized by its ability to pursue and promote change, its versatility and productive focus.

Biofarma is a forward-looking, flexible and competent company.

These characteristics are reflected in a range of services which are always targeted, considered and proposed in perfect harmony with the customer to satisfy even the most specific requests. Biofarma offers its own chain of production, which involves the following steps: 


  • Primary material selection
  • Formulation
  • Pilot Production
  • Processing stability protocols
  • Compatibility of primary and secondary packaging
  • Definition of the issuance specifications for the industrialization process

In Biofarma the customer is the focus of all production processes and product development which are designed to meet their specific needs; Biofarma is distinguished by its proactive and innovative spirit so we are always ready to suggest new solutions and innovative formulations for manufacturing, and we are able to predict and anticipate customer requests.


  • Primary material research
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Development of product specifications sheet
  • Dossier development and preparation of technical documentation (PIF, technical sheet for medical devices)
  • Declarations of compliance with regulations and laws in force

In Biofarma the regulatory office is able to offer the customer a complete package of documents, in order to enable the fulfilment of the product commercialization procedures. Biofarma also offers a complete service package and can perform, on request, the entire process for the customer. The regulatory office also has responsibility for the management of legal requirements and certificates useful for the sale of products in foreign markets. 


  • Weighing, pre-mixing and mixing of primary materials
  • Mixing control
  • Filling
  • Compression and capsulation 
  • Primary and secondary packaging

Biofarma has very advanced manufacturing facilities in terms of the technology and the continuous investment in these facilities, fundamental to ensuring the highest standards of quality and automation while reducing costs. The company follows the full production cycle for supplements, either in liquid or solid forms, from compound to finished product, and which takes place in strictly controlled environments. 


  • Physical/Chemical
  • Organoleptic 
  • Microbiological

Chemical/Physical analysis Laboratory

Batch release in compliance with current regulations, ensuring the high quality. Here we analyse primary materials, and semi-finished and finished products with the use of modern and advanced equipment (HPLC, IR, ICP-OES, Dissolution test, Disruptors). In addition we offer our clients a service for the development and validation of analytical methods, with the possibility, if required, to transfer these methods, in a proactive and personalized approach with the customer.


Microbiological Laboratory 

Designed and constructed in compliance with the requirements of GMP standards, it is divided into different areas. It performs analysis of microbiological purity, cleaning and counts for the lactic acid bacteria in the production of probiotics.


Efficiency and traceability 

Ensuring the availability of products, and their prompt delivery to the customer, are absolute imperatives for Biofarma. For this reason, the company has a 6,000sqm warehouse, with a storage capacity for 10,000 pallets. Technology is in the very fibres of our entire business and our warehouses are also technologically advanced. Using optical readers connected via radio with the central computer system, every single item can be found in real time, along with information concerning the availability and product inventories. Biofarma is able to manage all of the warehouse goods belonging to the client, both in terms of logistics and administration.