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Food supplements
Biofarma is specialized in the development and production of dietary supplements in solid, liquid or powder form using different packaging types.
capsule filling machines
packaging lines
Food supplements
Constant growth is supported by continuous innovation in manufacturing equipment and new technologies together with highly-specialized personnel.

Forme liquide

Packaged in bottles, bottles and bags.

Solid forms

Capsules and tablets packaged in blister packs, pill boxes, jars and bags.
3.500mq dedicated to the production
environments iso8
monitored temperature
Nitrogen filling

Since 2013, a new area of 3.500 square meters has been dedicated only to probiotics, becoming one of the most important Biofarma’s source of pride. This investment was made as a result of the continuous improvement process and of a strong partnership, which are fundamental to generate new high-quality and competitive ideas. Environmental conditions are in compliance with ISO 8 standard, with temperature and humidity control to guarantee quality and avoid microbiological contamination.


It is a special formulation that encloses - and at the same time separates - the powder and the liquid within the same primary packaging. An aluminium capsule protects against moisture and dust, while preserving the health benefits.


The innovative food supplement for infants, produced according to the new GMP Pharma rules found in ISO8.
The solid component of the product remains suspended in the liquid solution, and both are packaged in separate steps through a fully automated process.