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Our mission
Our daily responsibility is contributing to improving the quality of life, promoting the culture of health and the well-being of people through high quality products. Being the competent, reliable and innovative partner in the development and production of topical and oral products is our daily and future mission
Health, our precious treasure
Our Vision
We firmly believe that our customers' success is our success, their growth is our growth.

Since 1987 we have been formulating, producing and packaging cosmetics, food supplements and medical devices, offering our customers a complete service, from the development and improvement of an idea or formula to the industrialization and delivery of the finished product.
We constantly invest in research and development, in new production processes and cutting-edge machinery to create innovative products, and increase the professionalism of our teamwork.

All this has allowed us to become a solid partner for our customers and represents our daily and future commitment, to continue to be an international point of reference in the field of Consumer Health and Beauty Care.

Our values

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Quality
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Ethics and trust
  • Affection and care
The importance of being a team
The soul of Biofarma is made by a motivated and professional team of over 400 employees, based on solid values: sense of belonging, cohesion and enthusiasm, safety professionalism and ethical principles.

From ideas to
finished products

Biofarma listens to its clients in order to transform their ideas into reality, using our skills, innovation and reliability. It offers knowledge, confidentiality and the best technologies in terms of development, industrialization, production, regulatory and quality standards and certification. 

Our services

Third party development and production, out-licensing of medical devices. Within these services, designed and offered in perfect harmony with the needs of customers, one can see the very best of Biofarma’s flexibility and expertise, available in a wide range of activities:

  • primary material research 
  • formula development
  • validation and development of analytical methods  
  • product analysis and market trends
  • production and manufacturing of exclusive products
  • assessing the safety and efficacy of use
  • technical and regulatory assistance in Italy and abroad
  • creation of packaging 
  • logistics services 


For Biofarma, quality is a value. For this reason, quality is guaranteed in whatever we do: in production processes, respect for environmental resources, the adoption of exemplary behaviour in the field of occupational safety.

Quality Assurance

From research to production, from packaging to logistics, from consulting to administrative services: Biofarma guarantees the very highest quality standards in all activities. 

For Biofarma, the quality is certified.
  • ISO 13485 
  • ISO 22716
  • GMP Pharma
  • Pet food supplement authorization 
  • Kosher 
  • HALAL 
  • RSPO Mass Balance
  • OHSAS 18001

Quality control

Production takes place in a completely safe environment. The processing cycle is carried out within appropriate premises, with computerized and advanced machinery, and is monitored in order to avoid possible risks of contamination of the product in contact with the external environment.
All production parameters are controlled with validated systems and periodically calibrated.
Qualified personnel scrupulously follow the phase of product processing, in compliance with the strictest hygiene and safety standards. For bulk products the compliance is evaluated against the chemical/physical and microbiological parameters and any other titles for the present activities; only successively is the product packaged, wrapped and stored in a suitable location while it is awaiting the regulatory compliance and functional title of the QC laboratory. 

Laboratory Quality Control

Consisting of a team of 9 highly qualified and versatile professionals, the QC laboratory is divided into two laboratories: chemical/physical and microbiological.

Biofarma US

Biofarma US is the production and packaging site specialized in high quality probiotics and nutraceutical products. Founded in 2017 in New Jersey, Biofarma US is the key to timely solution to the needs of customers present on international markets. Biofarma US provides customers with high quality products thanks to an internal laboratory, a temperature-controlled warehouse and to the latest innovations and market trends in the field of food supplements.


Biofarma always adopts exemplary behaviour, both inside and outside of the company walls.  ‘Ethical’ means operating with respect for energy efficiency, adopting intelligent management methods for primary materials and waste products, launching sustainable processes, and ensuring the quality of working life. This is an ongoing commitment for Biofarma and a daily responsibility for the people who work there. 



Our company premises have been developed in harmony with the natural environment, and with respect for air and water. Biofarma is equipped with an efficient purification system for water used in its production processes and functional mechanisms to control atmospheric emissions, consumption and energy.


Our People 

Biofarma pursues a responsible human resources policy to preserve the health of its staff, ensuring a comfortable, pleasant and safe working environment, in compliance with applicable rules on safety at work, and invests in continual professional development of every professional.


Code of Ethics

Consistency, credibility, dialogue, listening, transparency, integrity, trust and respect are just some of the values that best represent and define our business operations. In our business people cooperate and relate with complicity and mutual respect, principles which cement the human and professional bonds.

Ethic Code download (pdf)