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The new wooden building by Domus Gaia

It will be in Udine, in Mereto di Tomba, in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a new wooden-building, that will host the administration and representative offices of Biofarma. An important project carried out in a region which, with greater and greater strength responds to the need for a greener world. An organic and “alive” architecture, which is able to shape the space through the use of light and materials; fourteen meters of height, per 1500 square meters of surface area, spread on three levels. A unique realization in the region of this kind that will be delivered in raw state in only eight weeks. With its 420 cubic meters of wooden, the building will not only be huge for its size, but it will also be an example that shows the possibilities related to wooden constructions, with a focus on energetic performance.

The lightness and naturalness of the wood perfectly suit the challenge of an ethical construction, for the human beings and for the environment. Architecture and entrepreneurship walk side by side on this project that is able to surprise not only for the dimensions but also for its innovativeness. Designed by the architect Valter Bertossi for the AK Engineering studio and realized by DomusGaia, the building is the result of an important project which blended innovation, engineering and environmental sustainability.

The lightness of the wood, its speed in being assembled, the environmental sustainability of the material itself and of the producing processes, made this technology a catalyst of research and experiments, which have therefore generated the necessary “know-how” to deal with various challenges in the architectural and project fields. The entire building, made in the hub of Produzione DomusGaia is characterized indeed, by a reduced number of metal elements, proving that nowadays, structural wood is proposed as a certified brand for the future, not only for houses but also for skyscrapers and big buildings, as it can be noticed by considering some examples in big European cities.

A building, eco-friendly, that will store, thanks to the natural features of the spruce wood, certified PEFC, chosen for the project realization, over 366 thousand kilograms of carbon dioxide contributing to the reduction of the ecological foot print.


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