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Conclusion of the OraCle project for oral therapy of Crohn's disease

Biofarma proudly took part in OraCle, the research project funded by the FVG Region (Por Fesr 2014-2020) that was concluded today. The aim of the project was the identification of an oral pharmacological therapy for Crohn's disease which is a chronic inflammatory illness that can affect any portion of the digestive system. The delivery of antibodies directly into the intestine with capsules coated with a specific gastro-resistant film, therefore represents an innovation aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the therapy and the quality of patients’ life. In pursuing this result, Biofarma worked in synergy with other local excellences, regional Start-ups and research centers. First of all, Transactiva, a company based in Friuli Innovazione Science Park in Udine, dedicated to the search for new therapeutic possibilities based on the use of plants. Transactiva inserted and then extracted from ogm rice seed the antibody currently used for the treatment of patients suffering from Crohn's disease. Later, the antibody was formulated in an oral therapy with lactic yeast - a new generation probiotic capable of improving digestive functions, the treatment and prevention of irritable colon condition - produced by Turval Laboratories Srl. The R&D and Quality Control Laboratory of Biofarma are engaged in the selection of the excipients used in the formula, in the definition of the best coating for the controlled release and in the preparation of the capsules for the tests that will be carried by other partners. Last but not least, the University of Udine has studied the bio-activity of the antibody during the chemical, enzymatic and microbiological treatments that take place in the digestive system through the use of in vitro models; moreover the University of Trieste has tested the therapeutic efficacy in vivo with an animal model that mimics the pathology.




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