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The importance of being a team

The soul of Biofarma is made by a motivated and professional team of over 400 employees, based on solid values: sense of belonging, cohesion and enthusiasm, safety professionalism and ethical principles.

Germano Scarpa
Gabriella Tavasani
Marco Malaguti
General Manager
Massimo Amadio
Project Engineering
Daniele Versolato
Sales and Marketing
Igor Conte
Supply Chain
Davide Dal Colle
Sara Pezzetta
Project Management
Emanuele Nencioni
Quality Control
Andrea Valent
Quality Assurance
Adriano Tosolini
Work together to grow together
Biofarma is a dynamic company, open to challenges and innovation: working with us means pursuing a constant professional and personal growth, with challenging objectives and results that open up new and exciting opportunities.

We constantly recruit specialized professionals by choosing our collaborators with careful and targeted selection interviews.

Our partnership with schools, universities and advanced training courses, together with the internship opportunities we offer, are necessary to allow graduates to enter the job market with greater awareness.

We nurture the passion and the talent of our collaborators with targeted training courses.

We believe that growing is a path of empowerment and it is not only about numbers and company turnover but it requires awareness to reach challenging goals: awareness of one's own capabilities and professional skills. We believe that success is always the result of teamwork and that a goal is never a point of arrival but a starting one for new challenges: that’s why it is really necessary to constantly grow.

Our people, our investment for the future

I consider myself lucky to have met Biofarma along my career path and I am proud of the steps I have taken forward: I keep on growing over time, I see this company becoming more successful and I feel it as it’s a little bit mine, because it does not stop looking forward, improving and evolving, as I do. Is it perhaps a sign of destiny that we were both born in 1987?


Food supplements area
Biofarma allowed me to grow as a person, through the assignment of progressive responsibilities, with the support and protection of a close-knit team. Biofarma is a healthy and collaborative environment that has allowed me to improve in so many ways, thrilling me day after day.


Sachet area
From the first days I had the opportunity to test my abilities at a training course that made me evolve as a person and as a professional. Even after many years, Biofarma remains a solid reality with a careful and far-sighted look, focused on new technologies and young collaborators.


warehouse accounting
Biofarma is an amazing reality, where growth and innovation never lose the compass of human values. The personal development path is stimulating, inserted in a shared corporate vision that looks at the future.


microbiological laboratory
In this company it is possible to continually get involved in many different activities, going beyond one's limits. If you are not scared about commitments and responsibilities and you have dedication and spirit of initiative, Biofarma opens the right path that makes you feel part of something important.


Accounting Department
Biofarma is a dynamic and exciting Company, where you can express your skills and competences in challenging projects, increasing and perfecting your professionalism.


HR and Communication
Every day, a new personal and professional challenge arises that recharges you of new energy at every goal achieved.


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Work with us
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