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Antarctica Extreme: impossible is nothing!
Develop a food nutrition program tailored to an athlete ready to accomplish an unbelievable mission. This was the incredible challenge of the R&D Biofarma for Antarctica Extreme, the sensational adventure of the fearless Danilo Callegari who challenged the ice and the chill of the South Pole to complete an unprecedented trilogy. Three months spent on the driest continent of the Earth, during which Callegari attempted to cross the South Pole by pulling a 150kg sled for 1,200 km, launched with a parachute from 5,000m and climbed to the mountain Vinson (4,897mt) and then returned to Italy last February 2019.

The R&D Biofarma, supported by the athlete's nutritionists, has developed food supplements tailored to Callegari's needs, rich in the substances and nutrients that constitute its diet and its request.

Callegari needed to feed in a hostile environment and to drag what was useful for his survival onto a sled: that’s why the R&D Biofarma studied food solutions in an absolutely innovative way: light, compact and easy to transport, in single-dose packs, practical to be opened and consumed. The food solutions were also faithful to the flavors of the athlete's most loved dishes, to help him break up the monotony of taste and also to allow him to return with his mind, through the palate, to the meals experienced in everyday life. The chromatic aspect too, in this case, was fundamental: the vegetables contained in the food solutions have chromatically characterized the dishes, helping Callegari to distract the view from the surrounding arctic white.

It took nine months of planning and development for this challenging, highly-innovative project, followed by continuous and punctual personalization. The incredible result achieved by Callegari, represented a great pride and an opportunity for personal and professional growth for Biofarma researchers and for the entire company.
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