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Smiling Madagascar: There is no better drug than a smile, there is no better medicine than love.
Biofarma supports a charity project in Madagascar since 2016, with the aim of creating drugs and distributing health care necessary to ensure the survival of local children and families.

The project has started from the courage of Michele Sari, a young pharmacist who in 2015 left Villesse (Gorizia, Italy) and went in Madagascar bringing a suitcase full of knowledge from the university, passion for pharmacy and a heart full of love.

Vezo Hopitaly is one of the few structures in the area which offers free health care, therefore it has a high number of visits and patients. Our aid has enabled the construction of the galenic laboratory for drugs production on site, useful for the treatment of the most widespread diseases caused by poor hygiene and lack of clean water.

We contribute to the supply of raw materials fighting against the scarce availability of medicines because of the frantic management of the transport of drugs from Italy.

Thanks to the constant help, today the medical staff can manage 125 patients who come to the hospital every day and can organize an average of 5 daily surgeries.

The project also covers the training of new doctors and nurses and the promotion of an emergency intervention campaign against child malnutrition.
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