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The Research & Development laboratory is the core of the innovation with its new ideas that are part of our success, which is in turn shared with our customers.

A breeding ground for ideas and substance 

The R&D Team is constituted by 25 people, including the regulatory office and is the core of Biofarma innovation. The Team is formed by highly skilled technicians specialized in medical devices, skin care and food supplements formulation. New and customized formulas as well as ready-to-sell products represent all the possibilities we can provide to our customers. Continuous training and endless improvement are the key to our success, together with a constant collaboration with external research laboratories and Universities.

Innovation for Growth

Constant and accurate research on new and existing raw materials, original and effective industrialization of new formulations are the key to Biofarma innovation. Every year, more than 800 research projects are managed, generating market leader products which definitely allow Biofarma to be recognized as a top performer.